Dear customers and partners,

NEXOR Medical was born with the purpose of bringing together two worlds, which were often separated in the past and, in our belief, should be integrated.

I am talking about the world of modular room concepts and medical device manufacturing on one side, and the world of hospital engineering on the other side.

We are deeply convinced that projects with an integrated view on both areas obtain better results compared to projects where each area is sectioned off, planned and executed independently.

Our goal is to develop modular room concepts for critical areas which allow our customers to achieve the best possible results according to relevant personal and environmental parameters.

Furthermore, it is our strong belief that a modular room concept without consideration of medical devices such as surgical lights or ceiling pendants does not provide a complete solution.

That is the reason why, under the NEXOR Medical umbrella, we have united two manufacturers capable of providing the proper technological answers to our customers’ requests.

Finally, we are convinced that it’s our hospital engineering know-how which turns our customers’ projects into success stories.

Yours sincerely,

Rafael N. Muñoz

Managing Director & Co-Founder