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Clinical ventilation, Hospital Ventilation System & Laminar Ventilation.

OPRAGON is the newest Nexor innovative solution Opragon introduces an innovative laminar flow system capable of ensuring ultra-clean air throughout the operating room, which generates a sterile area up to 5 times larger than any other solution. The laminar flow uses a unique Temperature Controlled by Air Flow (TcAF) technology.

​​Medical staff deserve the best working environment Sterile are up to 5x times bigger Satisfaction
of surgical staff means
"a safe operation!"

Cleaner air means faster recover In over 6000+ orthopaedic surgeries, OPRAGON reduced post-surgical infections from 8% to 1%.

Flexible Installation, sustainable, energy saving OPRAGON is fully customisable to suit any need, easy to install and maintain.

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Clinical Ventilation
Hospital Ventilation System

Clinical ventilation and
Hospital Ventilation System benefits

Are you concerned about your staff and your patients’ safety when bacteria and viruses are randomly mixed and diluted, or how the turbulence from the ventilation system affects the air quality?

OPRAGON is an innovative ventilation system that has been developed to reduce airborne contaminants and the risk of infection during surgery. Opragon ensures ultra-clean air in the whole operating room, with TcAF, Opragon generate 3-5x larger sterile work zone compared to LAF.

OPRAGON use gravity to reliably control the temperature of the airflow in operating rooms and thereby reduce bacteria-carrying particles in the whole room

“We can boast that our entire surgical department uses Opragon, which means that our operating rooms have ultra-clean air that minimizes the risk for infections.”

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Cleaner air means fewer infections.
And a lower risk of infection means a faster recovery.

OPRAGON helps patients feel more comfortable in a space where theywant to spend as little time as possible.

In an operating room, in a dental clinic, in a waiting room…

Relax, you are in the hands of the best professionals and and air clean equipment supply.

The patented OPRAGON system, with more than 15 years of clinical experience and over 300 installations, is based on scientific validation from world-renowned research institutes.

We are proud to work closely with the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Lund University (LU) and the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule in Weiden, Germany.

These collaborations are important parts of the scientific validation and continuous development of the OPRAGON system.

We collaborate with specialized engineers and technicians who contribute to the engineering, installation, support and development of your projects.

Opragon is a clinical ventilation company specialist in laminar ventilation | Hospital Ventilation System capable of ensuring ultra-clean air conditions